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Excellence Academy


At Winifred Holtby Academy, we recognise the importance in the progression of our most able students at GCSE level in order to support development into further education. It is vital that most able students develop critical thinking, analytical & meta-cognitive skills necessary to achieve grades 7 and above at GCSE and that they are stretched & challenged in order to raise aspirations, attainment and are motivated during their education.

Our Excellence Academy is targeted to ensure our most able achieve their potential. The Excellence Academy programme incorporates enrichment opportunities, master classes and off site learning across the full curriculum. They have the ability to earn a reward trip for their effort during the academic year if they meet the following criteria of the Excellence Academy:

  • Attendance at 95% or above

  • No more than x25 BM points

  • No isolation

  • X4 Stretch & Challenge stamp targets set by staff completed per subject

In addition Y11s must:

  • Attend x3 L6s per week

  • Achieve a positive P8 score in February PPEs

*please note exceptional circumstances will be taken into consideration*


Please sign up with Miss Morris-Jarvis in 1S1, each Master Class is worth 10 Excellence Academy points.

Please email if you require more information.