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Teaching & Learning



In Year 7, pupils have weekly 1 hour food lessons, which become a half-year rotation in Year 8. In Year 9, pupils have the option to further their knowledge in the subject for another term, with the lessons increasing to 2 per week. Across KS3, lessons are split between theory content and hands on practical skills. This is achieved by having a rotation of a classroom-based theory lesson followed by a linked practical session, where the pupils can put their newly learnt knowledge into practise. Although we do include some sweet recipes to our curriculum, they are predominantly savoury, so pupils can continue to use the practical skills to feed themselves later in life.

In Years 7/8 we have a multi-faceted approach to the food curriculum, which incorporates not only the basic principles of; health and nutrition, food commodities, food choice, food science and food provenance but instils the basics of good food hygiene/hygiene and a sound base knowledge in a variety of practical skills. This mix will provide each pupil with the crucial life skill of cooking that will enable them to feed themselves an affordable balanced healthy diet in the future. In Year 9 not only do pupils further enhance practical skills but are shown what careers in the food industry are available.


In KS4 we offer the opportunity to study WJEC Level 1/2 Vocational Award: Hospitality and Catering (H&C). This is taught over 5 lessons per fortnight in years 10 and 11.

Year 11 Assessment

The course is made up of 2 units; The Hospitality and Catering Industry and Hospitality and Catering in Action. To pass the course both units assessment must be completed.

Unit 1: Written examination

Unit 2: Controlled assessment


Students can go on to study a variety of relevant courses at Higher Education establishments, or may go onto work-based training, apprenticeships or full-time employment in a variety of different industries and professions. The Food and Cooking NCFE also offers an insight into careers such as; a Dietician, Sports Nutritionist, Food Technologist and Food/Product Development.


  • Weekly KS3 cookery club where pupils across years 7-9 can meet and enjoy a love of cooking delicious, nutritious and cost-effective alternatives to their everyday food choices
  • Weekly practical lesson 6, to provide the H&C pupils an opportunity to enhance not only their culinary skills but also their food presentation skills in preparation for their practical assessment
  • ·Regular full school ‘cook off’ style competitions, which include teams of staff and pupils. This provides an opportunity for pupils to showcase their skills whilst also building positive relationships with their peers and staff.
  • External visitors