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PE and Sports Science


Assessment foci –Developing physical skills, Evaluating and improving performance, Knowledge application of rules and Personal qualities (PE Learner profile) 

In Key Stage 3 all pupils have access to 2 hours PE a week and follow a programme of sports that includes; invasion games, net/wall games, fielding and run scoring, swimming, dance and athletics.  One lesson is based indoor (swimming, badminton, fitness, table tennis, basketball) and the other lesson outdoor (netball, football, rugby league and hockey) from September – Easter.

Within the summer term, all lessons are based outdoor and comprise the following activities; tennis, rounders, athletics, softball and cricket. The main emphasis of our key stage 3 curriculum is to learn and apply new skills in both isolation and game play/competitive situations whilst increasing their knowledge and understanding of rules, regulations and tactics in the roles of performer, coach and official.

Our key stage 3 curriculum is underpinned by the qualities identified in the WHA learner profile and we aim to develop and promote these by pupils taking responsibility for their own learning, being prepared, motivated, resilient and independent whilst developing problem-solving skills and having high aspirations. Key stage 3 PE is taught in set ability groups based upon baseline assessments during the first half-term of Year 7.

A pathway/learning band is generated for each pupil based upon their individual assessments and feedback on their progress is shared with pupils and parents based upon the expectations from their starting points.  


In key stage 4 pupils have 1 hour a week core PE which focuses on recreational activity and developing the key transferable skills embedded at Key stage 3 whilst also providing an environment in which pupils develop their physical and mental well-being.

Pupils participate in a variety of activities during core PE lessons including swimming, badminton, fitness, netball, football, rugby league and are also encouraged to adopt a variety of roles within lessons such as officiating, coaching and leading others in order to develop a more holistic and tactical understanding of the activities.

Option blocks are also introduced in key stage 4 Core PE and pupils begin to take ownership for their learning through the introduction of the pathways they choose to follow.  

Key Stage 4 Examination

In Key stage 4 we offer the OCR Sports Science examination course which suits the needs and abilities of all learners by providing both a level 1 and 2 Sports Science qualification. The course involves both theoretical and practical elements and include both internal (coursework) and external (examination) assessments in Sports nutrition, applying the principles of training and Sports injuries. 

In September 2021 we reverted to a 3-year key stage 3 which has allowed us as an Academy to broaden the curriculum offer for year 9 pupils. PE is one rotation subject pupils opt for and this allows them to make a more informed choice and develop a broader subject knowledge base in preparation for their KS4 option choices at the end of year 9.  


Extra-Curricular activities play an important part in Winifred Holtby Academy life and as a faculty, Team PE offer a broad extra-curricular programme that includes; football, netball, rugby (League and Union), cross-country, trampolining, wheelchair basketball, swimming, athletics, rounders, fitness, basketball, badminton, tennis and table tennis.  

We also run weekly success zones/coaching clinics based on the OCR Sports Science syllabus we offer in Key Stage 4. Students are surveyed regularly to ensure that they have an input on the sports and activities on offer and the weekly PE Bulletin on our Twitter page keeps them informed of upcoming events/competitions, whilst also celebrating their success. 

Our extra-curricular provision works in conjunction with the Hull Active Schools competition calendar to ensure pupils are fully prepared and we maximise opportunities for success. The extensive extra-curricular programme is designed to cater for all levels and tiered ability categories allow all pupils the chance to compete and represent the Academy with competitions ranging from National and Yorkshire Cup rugby league to inclusion level table cricket.

In addition to the extra-curricular clubs on offer, we also work closely with the House teams to ensure we provide a variety of sporting competitions throughout the year.