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School Gateway

Schoolgateway is the academy’s online payment system that lets you make the secure online payments by credit and debit card. Paying online credits your child’s Schoolgateway account with lunch money.

If your child is registered for the Biometric Fingerprint recognition system at the academy, your child:

  • Will not be required to carry a card

 If your child is using a card at the academy the card will include:

  • A photograph of your child

  • An inbuilt chip that contains the following information:

    • Student’s tutor group

    • Cashless catering account balance

NB: NO BIOMETRIC INFORMATION is placed on the card.

The Schoolgateway website has a help section, this can be found in the top right hand corner of the website, it includes account activation advice etc. Click here to access Schoolgateway.

You can pay in cash at local PayPoint stores, if you are using this service you will need to contact the academy for information on how to do this.

In addition to lunch money Schoolgateway can be used to pay for all academy activities/trips/visits.


  • In order for your child to obtain lunch from one of the catering outlets available, they will need to have been registered on the biometric fingerprint system or provided with an identity card

  • This enables the student/parent/carer to access the cashless catering system and credit the Schoolgateway account with money, to enable payment for food/drink and trips

  • It provides access to the Learning Resource Centre (LRC) and the facilities available, including the borrowing of books and resources

  • It provides ease of identification for extracurricular activities and academy visits