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This is our last ‘hello’ and our final ‘goodbye’. We are approaching our final days at Winifred Holtby and we are proud to leave our exceptional legacy behind. 

We hope in the future that the other year groups can carry on the amazing things we have started this year, and we hope the next Student Leadership Team can live up to our standards! 

We have been honoured to be your SLT for the past year. To all of you reading this, stay safe and stay positive. 

26 March

Hey everyone! This is our last week of school until the Easter holidays, which seems crazy because we’ve just had 2 months off!  The summer term is fast approaching, meaning it’s almost time for the Year 11s to leave. We all have to work extra hard this year to make up for the time lost, but during the holidays we can eat as many Easter eggs as humanly possible! 

Stay safe!

The Student Leadership Team

16 March

Welcome back Winifred Holtby! Well done for completing your first week back to normality!

We know the last couple of months have been a whirlwind of emotions for everyone, but we’re so glad to be back. We only have a few months left before the summer break, so make sure to make it count. 

The next few months for the Year 11s are very important , so we all need to keep our heads down and be prepared to leave with the best possible grades that we can. 

And to all the other year groups, keep working hard. 

18 December

We hope you’ve been having a good week. Christmas is coming up next Friday, and we’re all super excited. The PPEs are coming to an end, and we’re all very proud of ourselves and our peers. 

Christmas is a time to celebrate with our loved ones and finally relax after a stressful year. COVID-19 has given us a year full of unprecedented events and with the new release of the vaccine, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  However, it’s crucial that we don’t spend all of the two weeks off stuffing our faces with Quality Street because our GCSEs are around the corner. Taking half an hour every other day to do a small amount of revision will help remove that brain fog you usually get when you return after the holidays.

For everyone else, we hope you have a wonderful Christmas and that you stay safe while you’re off. Relax and take some time to spend with your family as more exams are coming soon. Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!!

Student Leadership Team

26 November

Welcome back to the blog. It’s just 2 more weeks until we start our GCSE PPEs, during this time we wanted to remind you that even though these aren't officially our GCSE exams, it is as important as ever to be revising due to our unfortunate circumstances in our uncertain year. These exams could wind up defining our futures. It is imperative you decide, do you want to succeed and if you do, now is the time to take responsibility and revise.


The Student Leadership Team

9 November

Lest we forget

Hello, welcome back to the blog! As you all know, this week is a very important week. We are celebrating the memory of the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for us since the start of World War I.

On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918, the Armistice was signed by the parties involved, and the war was finally over.

Without this day, our lives would completely different and we wouldn’t have the privileges we have today. So let’s all join together and remember those who have fallen with a minute’s silence.

To those who have sacrificed themselves for us, thank you.

1 November 


Welcome to Winifred Holtby’s first ever student blog! We’re the Student Leadership Team, at your service.

You’re probably wondering, why are we writing a blog? Good question. Our aim here is to improve your school experience and keep you informed in all the latest information.

Meet the Team!

I’m Katie, this year’s Head Girl. My favourite colour is green, I love curry and I’m here to make good change in the school.

My name is Callum and I am this year’s Head Boy. My hobby is photography. I wanted to be Head Boy because I wanted to represent the school.

Howdy y’all, I’m Jack and I’m hopefully your favourite deputy. I love comic books and movies and I’m here to help in any (major or minor) way possible.

Hey, I’m Liv - your deputy head girl. My favourite thing to do is dance and I love to help everyone express themselves as creatively as possible.

Hi I’m Amelia, one of the Assistant Heads. I love to create new things which has helped me start my own mini-business!

I’m Ellie, another one of the Assistant Heads, and I am a corporal in the Army Cadet Force.

Hi I’m Jaycee, and I wanted to be a part of the Student Leadership Team to add my ideas on things we can do to improve the school.

Now you’ve been introduced, we shall be posting regularly on all the things to know about your time in WHA.

See you soon!