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Year 8 Leader Year 8 Assistant Year Leader (Vacancy) House Charity: Yorkshire Air Ambulance
Mrs J Branton To be confirmed Assembly: Friday


Tel: 01482 826207 Ext: 6016

My name is Mrs Branton and my job is as House Leader of Wawne House.

I’m here for you when things are tough in school and you need someone to talk too. When you need help and don’t know what to do - ask and I’ll find the answer! If someone is bothering you, come to the Wawne office we’re here to help! I can’t wait to meet you all and spend time getting to know all about you! When we meet, you can tell me all the great things you can do or would love to do!

Together we will try and make sure that all your ambitions come true.

Mrs Branton

Hello and welcome to our new Year 7s.

I am Mrs Sykes and it will be my pleasure getting to know you, especially those of you in Wawne House Team. Some of you may remember me from your primary school so do not be afraid to say “Hi” when you see me.

Moving to a new school is scary and I am sure you will have lots of questions. Please ask questions; we are here to help you through your time with us at Winifred Holtby Academy, it is our job to support you through the ups and downs of school life and celebrate your achievements along the way, of which I am sure there will be many.

So before we get to know you, here is a little bit about me; I have worked in a school for many years and I understand how it feels to start somewhere new because I joined Winifred Holtby Academy last September. It cannot be that bad because I worked here for several years, left, and then came back!

I love to be outdoors walking, sewing, growing vegetables, or spending time with friends and family. What do you like to do? I cannot wait to find out and looking forward to seeing and working with you soon.

Mrs Sykes