The Votes are in!

I am delighted to be able to introduce you to our new Pupil Leadership Team:

  • Megan - Head Girl
  • Charlie - Head Boy
  • Emily – Deputy Head Girl
  • Elliot – Deputy Head Boy
  • Tim – Chair of the Pupil Council

All candidates were required to submit a letter of application, clearly outlining their vision for the Academy and how, in their role, they would help to ensure that their vision could become a reality. They were then interviewed by myself and Mr Fernie before going through to the pupil vote. In addition, all candidates prepared their own campaign which included talking to pupils in assemblies. All in all, the process has been fully democratic, highly rigorous and each of the candidates has shown true leadership qualities throughout. I am confident that they possess the skills required to lead a really effective team of prefects and the ability to listen to the voice of the pupils at the academy. I am really excited at the prospect of working with the Pupil Leadership Team over the course of the next academic year and I know that they will play their part in helping the Academy to achieve great things.