…and the results are in!!


A massive thank you to everyone who helped raise £1000 for Macmillan Cancer Research.


Congratulations to Team Sudtone who are yet again undefeated champions of this House competition!

  • 5th: Riseholme – 100 House points

  • 4th: Wawne – 200 House points

  • 3rd: Hedoncrofte – 300 House points

  • 2nd: Sefholme – 400 House points

  • 1st: Sudtone – 500 House points


A huge thank you to Miss Katrina Whincup (her daughter use to attend WHA) who donated this fabulous cake to raise money for Macmillan. The lucky winner was Miss Kermeen!!

Break time seemed to have a real buzz about it once again! Enjoy a selection of photographs below.



Hilary Edmondson from Hull Rotary has visited the Academy this morning to pick-up and deliver the 268 pairs of socks that we have donated to Dock House Hull – the homeless shelter. With the obvious drop in temperatures this week we thought its a must to get them there.


Dock House are currently taking 13/14 homeless people off the streets every night during this treacherous time of year – so hopefully our sock donation will help keep these people warm over the winter months.  We would like to thank everyone who took part in this charitable event and a huge congratulations to Riseholme for donating 166 pairs in total!


Dearne Valley Visit


This week saw the long awaited Year 8 Dearne Valley trip take place. With 122 pupils and 10 staff on board - we embarked on our trip to Doncaster. Once there, the pupils took part in a huge range of activities such as abseiling; high ropes; fencing; laser and archery to name a few. We even learnt how to build and start our own campfires -which included hot chocolate and marshmallows of course! 

In total the pupils took part in 8 activities throughout the course of their two days away - which might explain the tired eyes back in the Academy today - and that is just the staff!! 

The pupils were a credit to Winifred Holtby and fully embraced the challenges they were faced with throughout their few days away. 

We hope you all enjoyed your time with us and can spot yourselves in some of the photos taken! 

Winifred Holtby in the Community


As part of the Macmillan Coffee Morning, Alzheimer’s awareness month and The Duke of Edinburgh - six of our prefects went to a nearby care home last Friday afternoon and got to know some of the elderly within our community.

They spent their time serving tea, coffee, scones and cakes and even washed up afterwards!

It was great to see the pupils having a chat and hearing stories from the ladies and gents at Sutton Village Care Home – we are already planning our next visit!

The results are in...


A huge thank you to everyone who has helped raise so much money for this fantastic cause.

Congratulations to Team Sudtone for the second year running – I would have been disappointed if you hadn’t won having seen the size of your cake!


And with regret – a massive Congratulations to Mrs Pittaway and Team food for smashing Team PE with a huge total of £221.17 (If I knew about the Michelin star beforehand – I may have had a re-think).

The lucky winner of the Wawne House Malteser cake is Sefholme pupil Liam – the last raffle ticket bought! The cake raised £47 and went towards Wawnes total and congratulations to Mrs Preistman who won the Sudtone cake raffle which raised £54.


The final totals are shown below, I would just like to say a huge thank you to you all for Friday’s efforts! I thought it looked brilliant as always.”
— Miss Mennell


Sport Relief 2016

With the success and enthusiasm that was shown for the Macmillan coffee morning – I decided to make Sport Relief a competitive rematch between English and PE. Not long after this was published, it was then decided to go one bigger, as SLT fancied their chances. This demonstrated the enthusiasm of the staff throughout the Academy and again - allowed pupils to see ‘us’ in a different environment – building solid relationships.

We did it....1673 in one week! A massive thank you to everyone who has contributed to the sport relief mile!”
— Miss Mennell

...and the 1497 Mile Challenge

Moreover, the whole Academy took part in a 1497 mile challenge – meaning we all had to come together in order to complete. We have 1497 pupils and staff which only meant 1 mile per person. The total number completed in one week was: 1673 miles, the motto throughout the week was ‘WORKING TOGETHER WE WILL ACHIEVE SUCCESS'. This has shown everyone in the Academy that if we all do our bit we can be successful.

In the aftermath of Sport Relief, the pupils in The Link often go for a mile walk to gather their thoughts/calm down alongside staff members. This will help to educate these pupils that exercise can help with stress and in turn will help them to lead a healthy lifestyle.  

Macmillan Coffee Morning 2016

For this year’s Macmillan coffee morning, I wanted to involve the whole Academy and have an element of competition for the pupils to partake in. With TV shows like ‘The Great British Bake off’ and ‘Come Dine With Me’ being so popular, I thought we could peg different faculties against each other so the pupils could buy from their favourite subject. This element of competition allowed pupils to see staff in a different light. I also felt that this gave the pupils time to interact with staff on a different level - which I think is important to build solid relationships between staff and pupils. 

In total we raised a total of £1050.13, beating last year’s total of £415.65. 

I would just like to thank everybody who took part and got involved in the Macmillan Coffee morning – break time seemed to have a real buzz about it!”
— Miss Mennell