The Link is our off-site provision which offers a diverse level of support to our pupils and their families.

The Link’s inclusion team are dedicated, experienced and skilled staff who are able to work with our pupils, providing a range of interventions to promote emotional well-being and a positive approach to learning and progression, giving all of our pupils the opportunity to succeed and achieve their potential. 

Our aim is to link learning and services available to the Academy, to ensure that every pupil has access to the support they may need to ensure a positive learning experience within our Academy.

How does it work?

Teaching and pastoral support teams can refer pupils to The Link, detailing their specific needs. These may range from improving attendance, building confidence, developing positive attitudes to learning or simply a boost of particular skills. A member of the inclusion team then works with the pupil to provide an individual and tailored approach to their time at the Academy, with the aim of a successful reintegration into mainstream lessons.

Will my child continue with the learning opportunities if they are at The Link? 

For every session a pupil is at The Link, they are required to complete the same work as they would in a lesson, with the same level of learning taking place. When pupils attend The Link, they are being equipped with the skills to increase the effectiveness of their time in the Academy, meaning they should return to lessons as more able learners, getting more from their education.

Support for our pupils is provided through specific interventions which include:

  • Pathways to Increase Academic Engagement and Progress
  • ELSA Programme – Emotional Literacy Support
  • Assisted Pet Therapy
  • Promoting Health and Well-Being
  • Improving Attendance

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the provision in more detail please contact The Link Inclusion Team on 01482 830012.