Investing in everybody's education

At Winifred Holtby Academy we have a wide variety of state of the art facilities which enable our pupils to achieve their potential.

Each area is designed with our pupils in mind and the majority of our facilities represent what our pupils will access in the outside world in a working environment.

These facilities allow our pupils the greatest start in their chosen career paths.

Take a further look below at some of our fantastic facilities.

To book any our facilities, please contact Robertson Community team using the contact details below:

Tel: 01482 330687

Learning Spaces

Each of our classrooms consist of both equipment and a room layout that is conducive to teaching and learning. Interactive whiteboards and projectors are installed in every classroom, which allows for high level presentation delivery.

Classrooms in differing faculties also contain fixed and mobile technology such as laptops and iPads which allows lessons to take on varying pathways whilst giving our pupils experience using a variety of technology across different platforms and operating systems. 

ICT & Computing

Winifred Holtby Academy uses the latest opportunities in digital learning to create a 21st century learning environment in which all pupils can achieve their potential.

Learning is supported by a digital infrastructure that includes Windows and Apple Mac computers, to ensure pupils can transfer skills effectively into the world of work. Handheld technology has been developed so that pupils can develop their skills using the latest applications for iPads and iPods. Cloud based technology has also been developed so that pupils can access resources from anywhere with an internet access. Staff and pupils have access to a wide range of bookable technology, so that they can select the most suitable technology for their teaching and learning. The pupil voice is enhanced by an interactive voting system that allows each child to answer questions independently, whilst the system collates the answers and provides automatic feedback.

Every classroom has the latest interactive white boards with high quality projectors, enabling a host of activities to stimulate and challenge thinking and visualisers enable teachers and pupils to peer and self-assess work throughout the lesson.

Office 365 has recently been embedded into every day learning and allows pupils to access, complete and send homework via the Cloud. They can access a range of demonstrations, experiments and activities to enhance learning. Office 365 also provides opportunity for all stake holders to communicate with the Academy and access the latest news about Winifred Holtby through the platform.

Our stringent Online Safety policies and procedures ensure pupils are safe when accessing ICT based materials and resources. The safety of each of our pupils is paramount and we ensure available resources are safe in content, whilst supporting and enhancing teaching and learning across the curriculum.

Online questionnaires are completed on open evenings, offering the opportunity for parents to have their say and contribute to the future direction of Winifred Holtby Academy through parental engagement, supported by the use of ICT.


We have 10 laboratories which are equipped with general scientific equipment that can be used during experimental work. These are teaching laboratories and hence pupils benefit from teaching and experimental work without disruption.

We also have two teaching classrooms which are used for intervention and small group learning, as well as a computer suite which offers an excellent environment for ICT based work. We have full access to ICT within our classrooms and laptops to aid teaching and learning.

We have two fully equipped Science preparation rooms and access to equipment to deliver Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 Science successfully. 

Design & Technology

Design Technology and ICT is taught across the Academy in 8 specialist rooms. The 2 Food rooms are fully equipped and have ICT and printing access. There are 2 Graphics specific studios which are fully equipped with colour laser printer access and Apple Macs.

We have 2 state of the art ICT air conditioned suites with access to all the latest programming, web design and word processing software.

The 2 Resistant Material workshops offer pupils a wide range of facilities for working using all materials, including; CAD, CAM - through the use of two laser cutters -, a Denford CNC Miller and a vinyl cutter. All technology rooms have access to colour laser printing for high quality work.

All of our Design and Technology rooms have access to bookable laptops and we also have a bookable resource area consisting of 28 newly installed all-in-one PCs which have wireless connections to the school network and the internet. This gives more flexibility in incorporating ICT and CAD into Design Technology lessons. Our rooms also have the latest in interactive whiteboard technology installed.



Our recording studio benefits from the use of professional level recording software including; pro tools, an Onyx 16 channel desk and a variety of dynamic and condenser microphones for pupils to access including; Gemini, AKG C1000’s and SM57/58. The recording studio also benefits from a full suite of professional plug-ins to add effects to a piece and also Genelec monitor speakers, ensuring tracks can be mixed down and mastered to a quality finished product.


We have 2 classrooms designed to offer pupils a broad range of music and music technology. Our Mac suite benefits from 22 computers and are installed with Garage band, Sibelius, Cubase and Photoshop so you can produce, market and develop products. Each computer has a midi keyboard and M-Audio box to enable pupils to record live instruments using the XLR or jack input. Our double ensemble room benefits from a selection of layouts and instruments, including; electric pianos, electric drum kit and Grand piano. It also has sliding doors leading to the Forum, opening up a large performance space. This is used regularly throughout the year for events and concerts.

We have 5 dedicated practice rooms, allowing for a variety of solo and ensemble practice to take place. Each room has a Mac, M-Audio box and electric  piano with the exception of the ensemble room which is designed for band practices.

Community Theatre

In the 300 seat Community Theatre we have a professional stage lighting and sound system, including intercom and follow spot, as well as an orchestra pit with disabled access and bleacher seating.

The air-conditioned Activity Studio has a semi sprung wooden dance floor with full length mirrors and ballet barré. It also has access to the outdoor stage space which has a separate lighting bar and sound hook up.