Star of the Week 1


Congratulations to our first Year 11 Star of the Week. This fantastic pupil was nominated by two of her teachers.

Excellent attitude and outstanding work all year. I’ve never come across a student who is more determined in achieving than her. She created some revision cards for each topic in Geography without me instructing her to do so and always takes her book home to do extra work. Never missed an intervention or lesson 6. A model pupil by all accounts.”
— Mr Foster

Mr O'Mara wrote, "It has to go to her – she puts her heart and soul into her art folder and tries 110%!!"

Well done! Each star will receive a free prom ticket and other goodies! Keep working hard Year 11 and this time next week, the Star of the Week could be you.

Year 11 - Step Up to Success Evening


Dear Parent / Carer

I am writing to invite you and your child to an important Year 11 event titled: Year 11 - Step Up to Success Evening.

The evening will take place at Winifred Holtby Academy on Tuesday 10th October 2017. 

Please note that there will be two sessions at different times for each band (W band 6pm-7pm and H band 7pm - 8pm). 

The evening will consist of the following:

  • Important Information about the upcoming year - how as Parents / Carers you can support your child and make the most of after school additional tuition 
  • Revision skills - guidance and advice for Parents / Carers
  • Post 16 pathways – a range of post 16 providers are attending the event and will be able to offer valuable advice

Please note a letter will be sent in due course with further details.
We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 10th October 2017.

Best results ever recorded at the Academy


Our 2017 results are the best results ever recorded at the Academy and demonstrate significant and secure improvements across the curriculum. Over two thirds of our pupils achieved a secure pass in English or Mathematics with nearly half achieving the strong Grade 5 pass in each case. A fifth of our pupils achieved the full EBacc qualification, demonstrating high quality GCSE outcomes in a range of subjects.


  • English: Grade 4+ = 69%, Grade 5+ = 50%  
  • Mathematics: Grade 4+ = 66%, Grade 5+ = 47%   
  • The Basics (English & Mathematics): Grade 4+ = 55%, Grade 5+ = 37%   
  • EBacc: with Grade 4+ En & Ma = 20%   with Grade 5+ En & Ma = 18%
  • Attainment 8: 46

These improvements have come about through a relentless focus on providing the best quality teaching and raising the expectations and aspirations of our pupils to be the best they can be. However, we are not complacent and remain determined to improve on these results in future years.

Mr M Brown

Class of 2017

A huge thank you to Mrs Madeley, Miss Marshall and Mrs Richardson for your hard work in making the Class of 2017 Prom a totally amazing one.

The whole evening was just perfect from start to finish and you totally excelled in the Awesome Venue. It was very Grand and it was clear to see how much our amazing pupils loved every minute of it.

Year 11 - a huge thanks for all of your hard work over not only the past year, but the entire 5 years at the Academy. An even bigger thanks goes to those of you that put the extra effort in by attending Lesson 13s or holiday revision sessions. In life, the more you put in, the more you get out!

Not only do we wish you good luck in your exam results, but whatever you choose to do in your lives – no matter how big or small - whether it be an astronaut or a teacher!

We look forward to celebrating with those of you on Result’s day.

Be kind to each other,
have a positive outlook on life,
and read books!

Take care guys!
— Mr Moore

Twentieth winner of Star of the Week

Congratulations to the 20th winner of Year 11 Star of the Week. This hard working, resilient pupil was nominated by four members of staff for the exceptional effort she demonstrates every day at the Academy.

Despite all the complex challenges she faces day to day her attendance has been excellent. She is the epitome of politeness, she works extremely hard in every lesson and never questions an instruction or request.”
— Mrs Roberts

Mrs Jennison nominated her for, "Her resilience and continual positive approach."

Mrs Wilson nominated her as, "She is always polite, well mannered, always puts others first, tries her hardest at all times and is just an absolute genuine asset to herself and Winifred Holtby."

Miss Dalby nominated her for the third time, "She shows tremendous resilience and is a pleasure to teach."

So well done! What an amazing star. Good luck for Monday Year 11. Believe in yourselves and step up to success.

Nineteenth winner of Star of the Week

Congratulations to the 19th winner of Year 11 Star of the Week. This amazing pupil was nominated by Mr Jackson and Miss Rule.

He has made great progress in his Sociology lessons and his work is always carefully planned out to make sure it meets and exceeds the required standard. He voluntarily attends weekly after-school revision sessions to ensure that he retains his knowledge in preparation for his exam and always shows a great determination to learn and a great passion for the subject.”
— Mr Jackson

Miss Rule nominated this week's winner because, "He attends after school sessions at every opportunity. He has been a real star in the first Sociology class we've run and has made real progress, both in his knowledge and his use of subject specific skills. His answering of GCSE questions has gone from strength to strength. This is down to his sheer hard work and perseverance. It's been a real pleasure seeing him develop into a quality sociologist!"

Well done! Keep working hard Year 11 only 5 school days to go!

Eighteenth winner of Star of the Week

Congratulations to the 18th winner of Year 11 Star of the Week. This outstanding pupil was nominated by Mrs Philipson and Ms Wilkie.

Ms Wilkie nominated her for, “Persevering despite significant difficulties. Striving for 'best' and not just 'good enough'; an inspirational pupil.”

“She persistently works hard and gets on with what needs doing without any fuss week after week.
— Mrs Philipson

Well done! Keep working hard Year 11 - only seven school days left until the first GCSE exam!

Seventeenth winner of Star of the Week

Congratulations to the 17th winner of Year 11 Star of the Week.

This amazing pupil attends lesson 13 sessions every day and is working extremely hard to achieve her target grades across all of her subjects.

She is always smiling and full of energy. Keep up the good work Year 11 - the final couple of weeks are just around the corner.

Make all of your lessons count and believe in yourself.

Sixteenth winner of Star of the Week

Year 11 pupils celebrated hard work and fantastic achievement with a visit from a very welcome guest in our special awards assembly. Each faculty nominated four pupils and two winners were selected from the list. The winners received an Easter egg and the runners up received a special Easter chick!

This week's Star of the Week was nominated for multiple awards in the assembly and has been putting in a massive amount of effort in her studies. Keep up the hard work Year 11. All of your teachers believe in you and with a final push over the next few weeks, you will achieve success.

Remember to sign up for Easter revision in Friday's tutor lesson.

Fifteenth winner of Star of the Week

Congratulations to the 15th WHA Star of the Week! This fantastic pupil was nominated by Miss Rule.

He has found this week’s PPE challenging but has battled on regardless. He’s maintained a mature attitude, both with regard to attitude and work. His determination and resilience does not surprise me – because it is part of what makes him such a successful learner.”
— Miss Rule

"He has worked exceptionally hard this year (and last). He is prompt for lessons and well prepared – including having homework completed (often beyond that which is requested). His contributions to class discussions are excellent and help to move our thinking forward. He has worked hard to develop his written work over time and is able to include a wide range of sociological concepts in his work. He is a great young man to work with and I am in admiration of his eclectic wealth of knowledge. I particularly enjoy our conversations about Marxism and being privy to his wicked sense of humour."

An outstanding star. Well done. Keep working hard YR11 and maybe next time, the Star of the Week could be you!

Fourteenth winner of Star of the Week

Congratulations to the 14th winner of Year 11 Star of the Week. This studious, hard working, friendly and resilient pupil was voted by Mrs Madeley and Miss Marshall for her outstanding commitment to her academic studies.

I would like to nominate her as she is such a hard working student, she attends every extra session and will gladly help out other students who are struggling.”
— Mrs Madeley

Miss Marshall wrote, "I have nominated her previously and she continues to be an outstanding student in Science, always scoring at least 4 Levels of progress on Assessments (often 6 levels of progress on end of unit assessments). While she has an excellent and detailed subject knowledge, she works diligently every single lesson to improve her ability to apply her understanding of the scientific concepts and is always eager to support her peers when they find themselves struggling over problems. It is an absolute pleasure, honour and privilege to be able to work with her in my class."

Well done to this week's star. Keep working hard Year 11, put lots of effort into your second PPE and next time the winner could be you!

Thirteenth winner of Star of the Week

Well done to our 13th winner of Star of the Week. There were multiple nominations this week because so many of you are working hard. This fantastic pupil was nominated by four members of staff who all had wonderful things to say about her.

Mrs Levitt wrote, “This year she has made an amazing commitment to getting the best possible results out of her final year in school, excellent behaviour and attendance, hardworking and her maturity is shining through.”

Mr Moore wrote, “The amount of Lesson 13s she is going to is ridiculously amazing – she is rivalling some members of staff in the number of hours she is putting in. During the YR11 English drop down week – Mrs Boynton was very complimentary of her and the effort she had put in – resulting in an improved English grade in the PPE. She is a model pupil with one of the best personalities I’ve ever seen, in all of the years I’ve been teaching.”

Mr Stallard wrote, “I nominate her because she is dedicated, hardworking and, most importantly, resilient (a skill we try to instil into all that come through this academy). She, doesn’t always get the top grades but that doesn’t stop her from striving towards them – her never give up attitude and ability to keep pushing for more will stand her in good stead when she leaves us.”

Constantly back at Lesson 13, wanting to improve her work, works on her coursework at home too. Works independently and always smiling. An all-round good egg.”
— Mrs Aspinal

So well done to you! An outstanding Star of the Week. Keep working hard YR11 and next week it could be you.

Day 5: Half-Term Intervention Week

Day 5 of Year 11 WHA intervention week! PET xi return to the Academy with a focus on Maths. We have 3 groups of pupils working hard to achieve their target grades. Well done to all of the fantastic Year 11 pupils who have shown how dedicated and motivated they are this week. Thank you to all of the WHA staff that have supported intervention week and thank you to the PET xi teams for helping our pupils succeed.

Day 4: Half-Term Intervention Week

PET xi join us again for day 4 of Year 11 intervention week. Today our fantastic historians are improving their grades and working hard to gain an even greater understanding of the course.

Another valuable drama session led by Mr Anderson. Today the Year 11 GCSE drama pupils have been working hard to make even more progress and well done to the outstanding Year 10 and Year 11 pupils studying food, who attended today's session.

Day 3: Half-Term Intervention Week

Winifred Holtby warmly welcomes the PET xi Geography team for day 3 of Year 11 intervention week. We have two groups working hard in topic based sessions. 

Mr O'Mara had a full class of pupils working hard to improve their BTEC and GCSE art coursework. It was fantastic to see so many keen Year 10s attend the session and see committed Year 11 Musicians working hard to improve their grades.

In addition to all of the fantastic Year 11 intervention taking place around the Academy, pupils from all year groups were rehearsing for Rock Challenge.

Please make sure to attend any sessions that you signed up for. Only two valuable days of the programme left!