Star of the Week 1


Caitlin is top of our leader board for achievement in year 11 and has made outstanding progress since year 7. She is driven to succeed, ensures that she is here 100% of the time and puts in maximum effort – making her an exemplary pupil. Her positive attitude to learning, both in lessons and independently, has seen her results climb; this will see her exceed her targets now and in her future studies.

Caitlin works extremely hard in all Spanish lessons and is committed to making the most comprehensive notes I have ever seen and if she is unsure of anything, she always asks for clarification, so that she has got all of the information she needs to revise from. “
— Mr Styles

Year 11 Guidance Evening


Thursday 11th October 2018

This event is open from 5.00pm – 7.00pm, please arrive promptly for Theatre Presentations as follows:

W Band - 5.00pm - H Band - 6.00pm

As you are aware, Year 11 will be the most important year of your child’s life so far. The vast majority of pupils in the year group seem focused, on task and understand that they have to put in 100% effort over the coming months. At Winifred Holtby Academy we believe that it is very beneficial for parents and carers to have a good understanding of what is expected during Year 11. We believe that with support and guidance at home, as well as in the Academy, each pupil will reach their maximum potential. With this in mind, I would like to invite you and your child to attend the Winifred Holtby Academy – Year 11 Guidance Evening.

The purpose of the event is to directly increase parental involvement in revision, study and learning, giving parents and carers a better understanding of what will happen during Year 11. This will ensure parents and carers are able to support revision at home, so that all Year 11 pupils can succeed.

The evening will consist of the following:

  • Welcome in The Theatre by Mr Brown, Principal – Say yes to success for your child

  • Practical Tips – Supporting revision at home

  • Post 16 Options

  • Year 11 Information

  • A wide range of Post 16 providers will be present with information stands

  • A range of Study Guides will be available to purchase

A crèche will be available on the evening should you require a place for younger siblings.

I look forward to seeing you on Thursday 11th October.

Mrs Roberts

Our best ever results!


Our 2018 results are the best ever recorded at the Academy and clearly demonstrate significant and secure improvements across all subjects. This year our pupils sat the new, more challenging and rigorous GCSEs but still achieved higher grades than ever before. We are immensely proud of their achievements which are testament to their own hard work, the expertise and dedication of our staff and the support of their families.


Over 60% of Year 11 pupils secured at least a Standard Pass (Grade 4+) in English and mathematics, with 40% achieving at least a Strong Pass (Grade 5+). Over 60% of pupils also secured a Standard Pass in science. Alongside these great outcomes, pupils performed well across the full range of other GCSE and BTEC qualifications.

Over the last few years we have worked tirelessly to raise expectations and aspirations as well as improving the quality of teaching at the Academy. It is clear to see that all of this work is having a positive impact on the outcomes that our young people achieve, opening doors for a much brighter future once they leave Winifred Holtby. However, we are not complacent and remain determined to make further improvements in future years.


Social Media

Mr Anderson wrote on Team CPA Facebook page - Huge congratulations to all of the Year 11s in Team CPA who have rounded off a fantastic year for the Faculty with a fantastic set of results- the best results the Faculty has seen! We are all so proud of you! Massive well done to all of the pupils on your fantastic achievements, and particularly to all of the 38 pupils who achieved the top grades of Distinction/Distinction*s! Well done to all!

Also, well done to all of the hardworking and dedicated staff in the Faculty who work tirelessly to support the pupils to achieve such a great set of results! And finally, thank you to all of the parents for supporting the work of the Faculty throughout this year. Together we are a team about aspiration, inspiration and hard work! Onwards and upwards- Bring on 2019!

Mr Moore wrote - Dedicated and talented staff + hard working and determined pupils = SUCCESS!

A fantastic day of celebration today - Team English posted its best ever results!

Grade 4+: 76%
Grade 5+: 60%
Grade 7+: 25%
…and x12 Grade 9s!

Well done everyone!

Class of 2018 Prom


A huge thank you to Miss Dolan, Miss Marshall and Mrs Smithson for your hard work in making the Class of 2018 Prom a totally amazing one.


The whole evening was just perfect from start to finish and you totally excelled in the Awesome Venue that is the KCOM Stadium. It was very grand and it was clear to see how much our amazing pupils loved every minute of it.


Thank you to our amazing pupils, you are an eclectic mix of people: sportsmen and sportswomen, artists, dancers, scientists, singers, musicians, academics, a variety of gym addicts and many comedians.


It has been an emotional journey for all of us. If there is one thing that comes to mind when we think about this year group it is the mature and sophisticated way that many of you have handled one of the most stressful times you will ever experience in your life. The large amount of friendly, caring and supportive people that make up Year 11.


So what happens next is up to you! Hopefully all of your hard work has paid off and you can reap the rewards in August on results day.


Your future can be whatever you want it to be as long as you believe in yourself and are proud of your achievements.


Make sure you order your Yearbook for £10 on ParentPay. Thank you to the Class of 2018!

Star of the Week 15


Congratulations to the 15th winner of Year 11 Star of the Week. This outstanding pupil was nominated by Mr Styles for all of the revision she completed towards her 2nd PPEs and the outstanding results she achieved because of this.

Mr Stallard nominated her as, "She attends breakfast revision sessions every Monday and Friday. This shows her determination not to settle for her target, which she has more than met, but to push herself beyond this."

She is fab. A very hardworking pupil and her PPE results have reflected this!”
— Mrs Farmer

Miss Kermeen nominated her for all of the hard work she has put into English. 

Well done! Another fantastic example of a perfect Year 11 pupil. Keep up the hard work....only 6 school weeks left to go! Make sure every lesson counts.

Star of the Week 14


Congratulations to the 14th winner of Year 11 Star of the Week. This outstanding pupil was voted for by Mr O'Mara and Miss Kermeen.

I am voting for her for once again charging ahead of the year group with coursework – making sure that she has already multiple starting points for her exam!”
— Mr O'Mara

Miss Kermeen nominated her as, "She is a quiet, industrious and conscientious student who always produces outstanding work because of her exemplary work ethic and determination to achieve the best she can. She tackles every aspect of English with aplomb and readily acts on feedback – and as a result is being incredibly successful in both English Language and Literature."

Fantastic work! Well done! Keep up the hard work Year 11 and maybe next week, SOTW could be you!

Star of the Week 13


Congratulations to our 13th winner of Year 11 Star of the Week. This amazing pupil is determined to succeed. He was voted by Mrs Dearing, Mr MacMillan and Miss Wilkie.

Mrs Dearing nominated him for, “His continuing commitment to his studies, despite difficult circumstances”

I’d like to second this nomination as Harry’s Tutor. He has had a particularly tough time but he still wants to carry on working hard!”
— Mr Macmillan

Miss Wilkie wrote” I absolutely second, third, etc. this. Despite further instances of illness and ongoing new difficulties. He attends school when he can, displaying unbelievable resilience in extremely challenging circumstances.”

A well deserved winner. Keep up the great work Year 11 and next week you too could be Star of the Week!

Star of the Week 12


Congratulations to the 12th winner of Year 11 Star of the Week. This outstanding pupil was nominated by Miss Kermeen.

He is an incredibly intelligent and perceptive student in not just English but all areas of the curriculum. His writing is sophisticated, exploratory and insightful - all essential elements of grade 9 work. Most recently, he has achieved top marks in his poetry assessment - demonstrating critical understanding.”
— Miss Kermeen

His work ethic is exemplary - and although a cliche, he is absolutely a pleasure to teach and one of our shining stars. Well done!!

Keep up the great work Year 11. Next week you could be Star of the Week!

Star of the Week 10


Congratulations to the 10th winner and first 2018 winner of Year 11 Star of the Week. This outstanding pupil has been nominated by many different teachers almost every week!

This week Mr Moore wrote the following:

"I have not only had the absolute pleasure of being her English teacher every year at WHA, but this last year becoming her tutor. With a fantastic mix of someone who doesn’t take herself too seriously, but is focused and determined to succeed, she has proven to be an incredible young lady!

The fact that she attends both before and after school revision sessions shows a drive and commitment to wanting to succeed. However, these revision sessions aren’t just a Yr 11 ‘thing’ – she has stayed back to work on specific aspects of English ever since she was in Yr 9 – hence the colossal improvements she has made throughout the years. Given the dedication she has shown throughout her time at WHA, an award of Star of the Week/Month/Year don’t seem apt enough, Star of the School is we’re we should be looking.

She is deserving of all of the great successes that are going to come her way in the future.”
— Mr Moore

Keep up the great work Year 11. Every lesson counts. Attend Lesson 6 regularly and maybe next week's SOTW could be you!

Star of the Week 9


Congratulations to the 9th winner of Year 11 Star of the Week. This is our last winner for 2017. This fantastic pupil has made outstanding progress this term and achieved excellent results in her PPEs.

Miss Kermeen nominated this week's winner as, "She moved from set two to set one and has flourished. Lesson 6 lessons are frequently attended and she goes above and beyond in lessons and at home. Outstanding PPE results, an outstanding pupil."

Keep up the great work Year 11. Have a wonderful Christmas break and we look forward to more high achievement next term!

The final event...


The Final event for the Year 11 Unit 4 assessment took place in the Forum after school yesterday.

Pupils from 11CFO1, 11CFO2 & 11DFO1 planned and prepared a 2 course celebration meal for staff.


The pupils had 2 hours to prepare and present the 2 dishes. They worked really hard and produced some delicious dishes. The staff who attended enjoyed their meals and commented on the high standard of skills and presentation.

Star of the Week 8


Congratulations to the 8th winner of Year 11 Star of the Week. This week's winner was awarded the prize for making the most progress in Year 11 between Cad 1 and the PPEs. This outstanding pupil improved on average by 1 grade, in all of the subjects that he studies. He also has 100% attendance and zero negative behaviour points. He is an outstanding example of how working hard, makes a real difference to your results.

Well done, keep up the great work Year 11, remember it's PPE results/Parent's and Carer's evening on Tues - you can see how much progress you have made and what you have to do over the next few months to succeed.

A two course celebration meal


As part of the NCFE Food and Cookery course pupils are required to plan and prepare a meal to a set brief. 11F01 planned, prepared and cooked a two course celebration meal.  

The meal was served in the Forum yesterday afternoon and was very well received by all staff who attended.  All pupils worked brilliantly!  

They produced a range of outstanding dishes.  Staff commented on the quality of the presentation and the range of skills demonstrated.

Biggin Hill Primary Visit


As part of the NCFE Food and cookery course, unit 4, year 11 pupils are required to plan and prepare a meal to a set brief. The first assessment brief was to prepare at least 2 dishes for a children's (age 4-5) party.


30 pupils from Biggin Hill Primary Academy Foundation stage 2 class visited the Academy to enjoy a mini Christmas party with dancing, games and party food.As part of the NCFE Food and cookery course, unit 4, year 11 pupils are required to plan and prepare a meal to a set brief.

The first assessment brief was to prepare at least 2 dishes for a children's (age 4-5) party. 30 pupils from Biggin Hill Primary academy Foundation stage 2 class visited the Academy to enjoy a mini Christmas party with dancing, games and party food.

Star of the Week 7


Our 7th winner of Year 11 Star of the Week was nominated by 11 members of staff which is an Academy record! This outstanding pupil calmly ensured help arrived when another pupil was taken ill.

He was also nominated by Mr Cook as, "He always tries, comes back after school and completes extra work at home. His attitude to maths has turned round massively from year 10 and he has kept up that commitment to do well in maths."

Great work! Keep working hard Year 11 and maybe next week the Star of the Week could be you!