Star of the Week 13


Congratulations to our 13th winner of Year 11 Star of the Week. This amazing pupil is determined to succeed. He was voted by Mrs Dearing, Mr MacMillan and Miss Wilkie.

Mrs Dearing nominated him for, “His continuing commitment to his studies, despite difficult circumstances”

I’d like to second this nomination as Harry’s Tutor. He has had a particularly tough time but he still wants to carry on working hard!”
— Mr Macmillan

Miss Wilkie wrote” I absolutely second, third, etc. this. Despite further instances of illness and ongoing new difficulties. He attends school when he can, displaying unbelievable resilience in extremely challenging circumstances.”

A well deserved winner. Keep up the great work Year 11 and next week you too could be Star of the Week!

Star of the Week 12


Congratulations to the 12th winner of Year 11 Star of the Week. This outstanding pupil was nominated by Miss Kermeen.

He is an incredibly intelligent and perceptive student in not just English but all areas of the curriculum. His writing is sophisticated, exploratory and insightful - all essential elements of grade 9 work. Most recently, he has achieved top marks in his poetry assessment - demonstrating critical understanding.”
— Miss Kermeen

His work ethic is exemplary - and although a cliche, he is absolutely a pleasure to teach and one of our shining stars. Well done!!

Keep up the great work Year 11. Next week you could be Star of the Week!

Star of the Week 10


Congratulations to the 10th winner and first 2018 winner of Year 11 Star of the Week. This outstanding pupil has been nominated by many different teachers almost every week!

This week Mr Moore wrote the following:

"I have not only had the absolute pleasure of being her English teacher every year at WHA, but this last year becoming her tutor. With a fantastic mix of someone who doesn’t take herself too seriously, but is focused and determined to succeed, she has proven to be an incredible young lady!

The fact that she attends both before and after school revision sessions shows a drive and commitment to wanting to succeed. However, these revision sessions aren’t just a Yr 11 ‘thing’ – she has stayed back to work on specific aspects of English ever since she was in Yr 9 – hence the colossal improvements she has made throughout the years. Given the dedication she has shown throughout her time at WHA, an award of Star of the Week/Month/Year don’t seem apt enough, Star of the School is we’re we should be looking.

She is deserving of all of the great successes that are going to come her way in the future.”
— Mr Moore

Keep up the great work Year 11. Every lesson counts. Attend Lesson 6 regularly and maybe next week's SOTW could be you!

Star of the Week 9


Congratulations to the 9th winner of Year 11 Star of the Week. This is our last winner for 2017. This fantastic pupil has made outstanding progress this term and achieved excellent results in her PPEs.

Miss Kermeen nominated this week's winner as, "She moved from set two to set one and has flourished. Lesson 6 lessons are frequently attended and she goes above and beyond in lessons and at home. Outstanding PPE results, an outstanding pupil."

Keep up the great work Year 11. Have a wonderful Christmas break and we look forward to more high achievement next term!

The final event...


The Final event for the Year 11 Unit 4 assessment took place in the Forum after school yesterday.

Pupils from 11CFO1, 11CFO2 & 11DFO1 planned and prepared a 2 course celebration meal for staff.


The pupils had 2 hours to prepare and present the 2 dishes. They worked really hard and produced some delicious dishes. The staff who attended enjoyed their meals and commented on the high standard of skills and presentation.

Star of the Week 8


Congratulations to the 8th winner of Year 11 Star of the Week. This week's winner was awarded the prize for making the most progress in Year 11 between Cad 1 and the PPEs. This outstanding pupil improved on average by 1 grade, in all of the subjects that he studies. He also has 100% attendance and zero negative behaviour points. He is an outstanding example of how working hard, makes a real difference to your results.

Well done, keep up the great work Year 11, remember it's PPE results/Parent's and Carer's evening on Tues - you can see how much progress you have made and what you have to do over the next few months to succeed.

A two course celebration meal


As part of the NCFE Food and Cookery course pupils are required to plan and prepare a meal to a set brief. 11F01 planned, prepared and cooked a two course celebration meal.  

The meal was served in the Forum yesterday afternoon and was very well received by all staff who attended.  All pupils worked brilliantly!  

They produced a range of outstanding dishes.  Staff commented on the quality of the presentation and the range of skills demonstrated.

Biggin Hill Primary Visit


As part of the NCFE Food and cookery course, unit 4, year 11 pupils are required to plan and prepare a meal to a set brief. The first assessment brief was to prepare at least 2 dishes for a children's (age 4-5) party.


30 pupils from Biggin Hill Primary Academy Foundation stage 2 class visited the Academy to enjoy a mini Christmas party with dancing, games and party food.As part of the NCFE Food and cookery course, unit 4, year 11 pupils are required to plan and prepare a meal to a set brief.

The first assessment brief was to prepare at least 2 dishes for a children's (age 4-5) party. 30 pupils from Biggin Hill Primary academy Foundation stage 2 class visited the Academy to enjoy a mini Christmas party with dancing, games and party food.

Star of the Week 7


Our 7th winner of Year 11 Star of the Week was nominated by 11 members of staff which is an Academy record! This outstanding pupil calmly ensured help arrived when another pupil was taken ill.

He was also nominated by Mr Cook as, "He always tries, comes back after school and completes extra work at home. His attitude to maths has turned round massively from year 10 and he has kept up that commitment to do well in maths."

Great work! Keep working hard Year 11 and maybe next week the Star of the Week could be you!

Year 11 Parents’ Consultation Evening & Pre-Public Exam Results

y11 logo.jpg

This is the most important parents evening of your child’s time in Secondary education as it is now only a few short months before our Year 11 pupils take their final examinations and move on to the next phase of their lives.

This Parents’ consultation evening allows us to share information and plan the remainder of Year 11 together to ensure that our young people are as successful as they can be. I am sure that I do not need to stress the importance of meeting with subject teachers at this point in the academic year. 

All interviews will take place in either the main Forum area or in the Theatre/Activity Studio and we ask that you enter the school by the Main Entrance.

On arrival in the Academy you will be able to collect your child’s Pre-Public examination results which will give you a clear idea of how well your child is progressing towards those final GCSE’s and will be a similar experience to when they collect their examination results in August 2018.

There will also be representatives from the local colleges and other organisations in the Orangery who will be glad to answer any questions that you may have regarding Post 16 progression.

If these representatives are able to see the PPE results they will be able to provide sound advice on the best future pathways for your child.

Your son/daughter will be given an appointment booking sheet in tutor lesson, it would be in their best interest to complete the booking sheet as soon as possible by visiting each of their subject teachers.  This will then ensure that they get an appointment with each teacher and will help to avoid disappointment if the bookings fill up.

Thank you.

Mr Spencer

Star of the Week 6


Congratulations to the 6th winner of Year 11 Star of the Week. This week’s winner was nominated by Mrs Aspinall and Mr Graham.

Mrs Aspinall wrote, “He is working really hard to achieve a distinction rather than a merit. He takes work home on a USB drive, completes work to the deadlines, has grown so much in confidence and helps his peers. He is very focused and a great role model for the class.

He has a very positive attitude, high aspirations, he is self-reflective and holds high expectations of himself.”
— Mr Graham

This week’s winner is a Sports Captain, has 250 achievement points, 0 negative points and 100% attendance. He is a great example of a Year 11 who wants to succeed! Well done, keep up the good work Year 11 and next week Star of the Week could be you!

Star of the Week 5


Congratulations to the 5th winner of Year 11 Star of the Week. This amazing pupil was nominated by Miss Kermeen and Mr Stallard. She will receive a free prom ticket, rosette, SOTW pen and certificate.

Miss Kermeen wrote, "Since her arrival in Year 7, she has flourished in English and currently achieving grade 8 and 9 on a consistent basis. Her attitude and work ethic are exemplary – she is meticulous with classwork and homework, ensuring the best outcomes in all she does. she is a star pupil who never puts a foot wrong and is a delight to teach. She is a great English ambassador for the school."

She has shown her maturity with her ability to self-manage her time. On rare occasions she has to miss school due to her sporting commitments (superstar boxer [not as good as Mr Stallard though]) but she doesn’t allow this affect her work; she will often be found either in a lesson 6 or getting work from her teachers to catch up. A great example of a Winifred Holtby Year 11 pupil.”
— Mr Stallard

Well done! What an outstanding Star. Keep up the fantastic work Year 11 and maybe next week Star of the Week could be you!

Star of the Week 4


Well done to the 4th Year 11 Star of the Week. This fantastic pupil was nominated by three teachers.

Mrs Farmer wrote, “An incredibly hardworking pupil with a determination to succeed. She produces homework of a high level that has been well thought out and she has but in maximum effort. She is always trying to better herself in lessons, if she struggles with a concept she will not give up and leave it she will work on it until she has a secure understanding of it. It’s clear she is working outside of the Academy as she comes in with a range of questions about particular topics she has been reviewing. With the grit and determination to success that she has displayed already she will achieve amazing outcomes at the end of year 11.”

Mr Moore wrote, “What a kid! When we get into teaching, as staff we have the idea of what the ‘perfect’ student looks like. In her, we have a young lady who is dedicated to her trade and helping people achieve their best. She doesn’t just complete a piece of work once, she completes it again, and again, until it’s the very best that she can achieve. She doesn’t take an answer as the absolute truth; instead, she probes, questions and looks for alternate truths. With her immaculate behaviour and completely endearing personality, she epitomises the Conor McGregor quote that I have in my class: ‘we are all equal’, but she will ‘reach the top’ as she is ‘obsessed’. I am proud to not only be her tutor, but her teacher!”

She stays back; she works hard; she represents the best about this Academy. She most certainly is a star - that is down to her hard work and commitment to improvement. These qualities, mixed with her lovely attitude, make her a must for this award.”
— Mr Stallard

Well done to this week’s winner. It’s been a great start to the PPEs. Keep trying hard and maybe this time next week you could be Star of the Week!

Star of the Week 3


Congratulations to our 3rd winner of Year 11 Star of the Week. There were many nominations as usual and this week's winner has shown just how committed he is to his studies. He will receive a free prom ticket, rosette, pen and certificate.

Mr Wright nominated this week's star because, "He has had a great first half term, not just in Maths but across all subjects. His effort in lessons has been consistently outstanding, he has already made really good use of Lesson 6 and he has put a lot of effort into preparing well for assessments. In the two unit assessments in Maths this year, both at Higher tier, he has scored 85% and 91%.

He is on track to beat his target grade of 6 in Maths. He has just been moved up into Set 1 and is attending Lesson 6 sessions that are specifically targeting grade 8 and grade 9 topics. He conducts himself really well around school, is a pleasure to speak with and a very deserving winner of Star of the Week!"

His determination, resilience and independence are commendable. He has adapted to Year 11 English incredibly well. He tries hard in all he does and produces consistently high quality work on a daily basis. His attitude is relentlessly positive and this is reflected in his 100% attendance at lesson 6. Well done!”
— Miss Kermeen

Keep working hard Year 11, use the half term break to revise for the upcoming PPE. Continue trying your best and next time Star of the Week could be you!

Star of the Week 2


Well done to our 2nd winner of Year 11 Star of the Week! This outstanding Year 11 was nominated by 4 teachers! This week there were many nominations for excellent effort. Year 11 - you are starting to show just how serious you are about this coming year, with over 250 Lesson 6 sessions attended this week alone.

A truly motivated pupil who has set her sights high and is working hard to achieve her goals. A good attender at lesson 6, completes homework on time and to an exceptionally high standard. Gives her work in class her best attention and she is a great ambassador to the school.”
— Mrs Farmer

Mr Pickering wrote, "I would like to nominate her for Star of the Week. She is an exemplary student who gives her all in every aspect of her pupil life. She is a keen mathematician with the skill and tenacity to achieve at the highest level, it goes without saying she will be a star to remember."

Mr O'Mara wrote, "Since year seven she has been a high achieving pupil, expecting the best from herself and keeping her Art folder in the neatest possible condition. She is not only dedicated to her own learning, but she along with a handful of the year elevens have created a high achieving culture in Art. She has been seen up here since year seven, helping out students in the years below always with a smile on her face!"

Mr Styles wrote, "She is a star in French who goes above and beyond what is expected. She uses her French knowledge to have meaningful conversations; exploring the use of idiomatic phrases at the moment to enhance her written work in preparation for her speaking test."

Congratulations! Keep up the great work Year 11 and maybe next week the Star of the Week could be you! There's a free prom ticket for every Star!

Star of the Week 1


Congratulations to our first Year 11 Star of the Week. This fantastic pupil was nominated by two of her teachers.

Excellent attitude and outstanding work all year. I’ve never come across a student who is more determined in achieving than her. She created some revision cards for each topic in Geography without me instructing her to do so and always takes her book home to do extra work. Never missed an intervention or lesson 6. A model pupil by all accounts.”
— Mr Foster

Mr O'Mara wrote, "It has to go to her – she puts her heart and soul into her art folder and tries 110%!!"

Well done! Each star will receive a free prom ticket and other goodies! Keep working hard Year 11 and this time next week, the Star of the Week could be you.