Year 11 Parents’ Consultation Evening & Pre-Public Exam Results

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This is the most important parents evening of your child’s time in Secondary education as it is now only a few short months before our Year 11 pupils take their final examinations and move on to the next phase of their lives.

This Parents’ consultation evening allows us to share information and plan the remainder of Year 11 together to ensure that our young people are as successful as they can be. I am sure that I do not need to stress the importance of meeting with subject teachers at this point in the academic year. 

All interviews will take place in either the main Forum area or in the Theatre/Activity Studio and we ask that you enter the school by the Main Entrance.

On arrival in the Academy you will be able to collect your child’s Pre-Public examination results which will give you a clear idea of how well your child is progressing towards those final GCSE’s and will be a similar experience to when they collect their examination results in August 2018.

There will also be representatives from the local colleges and other organisations in the Orangery who will be glad to answer any questions that you may have regarding Post 16 progression.

If these representatives are able to see the PPE results they will be able to provide sound advice on the best future pathways for your child.

Your son/daughter will be given an appointment booking sheet in tutor lesson, it would be in their best interest to complete the booking sheet as soon as possible by visiting each of their subject teachers.  This will then ensure that they get an appointment with each teacher and will help to avoid disappointment if the bookings fill up.

Thank you.

Mr Spencer