Ninth winner of Star of the Week

Congratulations to our ninth Year 11 Star of the Week! This amazing pupil was nominated by Ms Moore and Mr Liddle.

Ms Moore wrote, 

Her revision for my lessons has proved to be successful as she is always prepared for the lesson. It is clear that she has researched the topic before we start the lesson, because she is well informed and confident in her written response. This has had a real impact on her progression to making good progress. In addition, her work ethic is excellent – she is always prepared to work hard and her tenacity is second to none.”
— Ms Moore

Mr Liddle nominated our winner because, "She always appears to be back doing additional work and is constantly asking for past exam papers and questions to test her application of knowledge."

Keep up the great work Year 11! Time is going by quickly, take every opportunity that we offer, stay motivated and believe in yourself.