Sixth winner of Star of the Week

Congratulations to our sixth Star of the Week! This amazing pupil was nominated by Mr Moore and Mr Stallard. 

Mr Moore wrote, "I have never seen such confidence in anyone of her age before. Whether it be on stage, a sporting arena or in school, she has a real lust for wanting to improve - striving to be the best that she can be. She has taken it upon herself to complete additional work at home; the dedication she is showing is excellent, and will allow her to succeed in not only her studies, but will continue into later life. All of this, combined with her cracking personality, makes her a truly deserved winner of Star of the Week!" 

Mr Stallard nomiated her,

As she is truly dedicated to improving her outcomes. She often stays behind – when others would be happy with a grade she pushes for more and this is exactly what Winifred Holtby Academy is striving to establish within our pupils.”
— Mr Stallard

An outstanding winner, well done! Keep working hard Year 11 and maybe next week, the Star of the Week could be you!