Tenth winner of Star of the Week

Well done to our 10th Star of the Week! This fantastic pupil has won 2000 vivos which is the value of a prom ticket! All previous and future winners will receive the same! 

This pupil is simply amazing! She works hard at school, after school and at home. She is on track to make outstanding progress and will make everyone who knows her very proud.

This week's winner was nominated by Mr Bridgeman and Mr Liddle. Mr Bridgeman wrote, "Always back after school revising and always works extremely well in lessons." Mr Liddle wrote, 

I am nominating her for demonstrating determination in all this she does. She is taking it upon herself to ensure that she plug all gaps in her understanding through the use of the PPE results and teacher feedback. She is a perfect example of what an independent learner with true resilience looks like.”
— Mr Liddle

What an outstanding winner! Keep working hard Year 11. Remember we are giving away so many rewards for hard work and good effort; L13 raffle, Star of the Week, GCSEPod Certificates and prizes, The Progress Trip and much more to come!