Twelfth winner of Star of the Week

Well done to the 12th Year 11 Star of the Week! This amazing pupil was nominated by 3 of her teachers and is an inspiration to the whole Academy.

Mr Dorsett wrote, 

She consistently responds to feedback and improves her work with excellent quality. Works hard after school, in lessons and in intervention to improve and reach a grade above her current target.”
— Mr Dorsett

Mr Cook wrote, "She is always coming back after school and doing extra work at home. An outstanding example of a hardworking Year 11."

Mr Bridgeman wrote, "She is always back for lesson 13`s. Putting in 100% effort to improve her scores on the next PPE."

Congratulations! Our star has won 2000 Vivos - the value of a prom ticket! Keep up the great work year 11 and maybe next week, you could win this prestigious award.